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6 Alexandra Road | Great Crosby | Liverpool | L23 7TF | STAFF PORTAL


As the children move into Kindergarten we focus on developing their listening and attention skills, one of the ways that we do this is through reading our favourite stories this helps to grasp the children’s attention. We make our circle times interesting by concentrating on child based interests that can be supported by information provided by the parents either verbally or using photographs from the home environment.

We prepare both indoor and outdoor adult led activities that include, mark making, finding numbers, ring games, making our own obstacle courses, using wheeled toys, construction.  Book choice and reading is encouraged at quiet times.

We encourage the children to take part in activities that will prepare them for Preschool and being school ready, with regard to being as independent as possible, when putting on their own coat, going to the toilet and being able to express themselves; to help support the children’s self-confidence, we choose a daily leader, this helps the children to understand the concept of order and turn taking in a practical structured way.

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