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6 Alexandra Road | Great Crosby | Liverpool | L23 7TF | STAFF PORTAL


In pre-school we work in partnership with parents to ensure that their children are ready to begin their new adventure in Reception. We follow the ‘Road to School’ school readiness as well as the elements of the EYFS and Montessori. This helps us to ensure we develop the children’s independence skills as well as their self-confidence. The children are supported to take part in daily tasks such as self-registration, putting on their own.

We aim to make learning as fun as possible and cover a range of areas, whilst following the child’s own interests. The children actively get involved in their own planning and are supported by the adult in order to bring the learning to life.  We introduce more adult led, focusing on small groups or 1:1 to help develop and promote the children’s listening and attention.

We promote the children’s physical development through activities such as, ‘dough disco, ’ ‘bean bag rap,’ this helps to develop shoulder pivot movements, elbow pivot movements, wrist pivot movements and finger movement exercises.

We continue to provide opportunities to develop their independence and engage them in relevant activities to promote all areas of the EYFS curriculum with specific sessions focussing on ‘Letters and Sounds’ and numeracy. There is more structure to their daily routine. Children take part in key worker time where they spend time with their key worker and children of a similar age and development to them.

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