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Communication Friendly Setting Accreditation

Atherton House has been awarded the Elklan Communication Friendly Setting accreditation, this award has been given to the nursery because we have been able to access extensive training in order to be able to deliver excellent language and communication skills.

It is widely recognised that the environment that a child or young person is in can make a big difference to their communication; and as a communication friendly setting we strive to make communication as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible.

As a communication friendly setting we support the development of all children’s cummunication skills, whilst including elements that can be particularly beneficial for children who may have some Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). We provide opportunities for everyone to talk, listen, understand and take part.

We strive to remove barriers to communication, support learning and enhance the children’s expressive and receptive speech and language development.

Staff training supports the understanding of the importance of ensuring that the children have every opportunity to be able to play and interact, that they develop an understand of what is being said, that they are able to communicate both verbally and non-verbally in order to express their needs and wants, and they are encouraged to make the correct speech sounds; through adult role modelling, actively listening to what the children are saying and praising their efforts.

Our Communication Friendly Setting provides cosy, comfortable areas for the children to talk, that they can see people’s face when they are talking and that they are given the opportunity to talk and be listened to as individuals, in pairs, small groups and larger groups.

We take into account how the room is laid out, general noise level distractions, space and light. We provide visual clues, through signs, symbols, photographs and displays; whilst providing consistent routines which offer structure and balance. Each member of staff provides high quality purposeful interactions throughout the setting that support, scaffold and challenge the children’s learning and development. All learning opportunities are planned and created in order to support the children’s individual needs.

As a setting we value and support the ways in which our parents and carers encourage and assist their children and staff to enhance speech and language development.

Baby Effective Early Learning (BEEL)

Quality Assurance Granted 2009-2012
Atherton House received quality assurance through the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC), Birmingham, based on its continued work in developing excellent interactions with the children in our care.

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