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6 Alexandra Road | Great Crosby | Liverpool | L23 7TF | STAFF PORTAL

Pre-School – 36 months+

Our Aims

In Pre-School, we work in partnership with Parents and Carers to ensure their children are ready to begin their new adventure in Reception. We aim to make learning as fun as possible and cover a range of learning areas whilst following the child’s own interests and the Early Years Foundation Stage profile. A Parent and Carer guide can be found here.

Our Methods

We use ‘The Road to School’ readiness programme as well the Early Years Foundation Stage, ‘Letters and Sounds Phase One’, and elements of the Montessori Method. This blend helps us to ensure we develop the children’s independence skills as well as their self-confidence.

Children in Pre-School are given more structure to their daily routine. They select many activities themselves, which promotes children’s motivation and full engagement in their learning. Key Carers provide targeted activities to support and challenge children’s development.  They use a variety of approaches including small group time and 1:1 sessions as required.

We promote the children’s physical development both indoors and outdoors through activities in our Forest School as well as multi skills session which support children’s gross and fine motor skills, concentration, teamwork, and coordination. Further depth and breadth to learning can be found in regular Spanish sessions.

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