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6 Alexandra Road | Great Crosby | Liverpool | L23 7TF | STAFF PORTAL

Nursery Room – 20 months to 32 months

Our Aims

The children learn best through play. Our child-centred approach aims to promote the development of the children’s self-confidence, as well as recognising their individuality. The Key Carer’s role is to support and enhance the children’s learning, to help develop ideas, and to encourage investigation and problem solving, whilst having lots of fun! We work in conjunction with the Early Years Foundation Stage profile. A Parent and Carer guide can be found here.

Our Methods

The Nursery Room offers a welcoming environment with a set routine in place throughout the day to help provide the children with structure, balance, and stability.

The Nursery is organised into areas of learning, so the children are provided with a busy and interesting day and a variety of activities. The children are allowed to make choices about what they do, how they do it and to what purpose, so they individually learn what interests them most. Nursery Room children are encouraged to select materials and equipment for themselves and to tidy away independently. The children also have access to free flow indoor and outdoor learning, with a large artificial grass area.

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